Knowing Who To Trust Your Future To!

When I was a young photographer, there were only few sources of continuing education, which I thought really sucked.  Once or twice a year there would be a larger name photographer/speaker tour through our area.  Beyond that, I would have to go to a larger convention or out-of-town seminar if I wanted to learn new ideas and concepts to become more successful in my studio.  I really wished there were more opportunities to learn more about photography and business.   Wow, you have to be careful what you wish for!

Back in the day, opportunities seemed to be limited, but the quality of education was high.  Speakers didn’t get to be speakers without operating a high successful studio or studios.  Their photography had to win awards and they had to be recognized as not only a success in the portrait or wedding industry, but also in their ability to teach and convey the principles of the program outline.

Times of have changed.   Today, there are webinars, workshops and seminars happening all the time.  The problem is the quality of some of these workshops, or at the least the quality of the information given.  There are  photographers who aren’t even full-time photographers offering workshops and programs.  How can you learn how to be a successful, full-time photographer from some one who hasn’t accomplished it themselves.  While these photographer might display some photographs that are interesting without knowing that they successfully sell the images they create on a large enough scale to support themselves really doesn’t speak well for the information you are going to learn.

The bottom line here is that a student rarely surpasses the teacher.  Learn from a master of what they do and you have a chance to surpass a master.  Learn from a student and you have the opportunity to surpass a student to become a better student.  That is setting your sights high!



~ by jeffsmithbooks on August 21, 2012.

One Response to “Knowing Who To Trust Your Future To!”

  1. Thanks very much. I wish people understood that more.

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