What Kind of Life Does Your Photography Business Provide You?

You had to invest a great deal of money in equipment and a great deal of time to perfect you talent to a point to offer a professional service.  You have put a lot into your business, now it time to ask what your business is giving back.  Do you have health care, Dental or retirement?  For all the hours you put into to your photography business (including the hours sitting in front of a computer editing your images) does your business pay you what a teacher or truck driver or grocery store clerk would make?  If not…..then why not?

Photography is a great career, I have been in it for most of my life, I have love every minute of it, however if photography didn’t provide me an income to enjoy life and provide my family the basics of health care and me retirement, I would do something else.  I realize that some photographers are in a unique position of having a wife or husband with a great job, maybe they have a large trust fund, so they can play at photography to have something to do, but for the majority of us, we invest so much time into our businesses, we have to expect, no demand that our businesses take care of us, because there is no time left for other money-making opportunities.

Many photographers struggle because they don’t set up and run their business as a business.  They base their prices on what others are charging, not on what their costs are.  They don’t shoot to make a profitable session or wedding, they shoot like  an excited high school kid that was just given a camera and a cute girl, without any thought of how much time all those images are going to take to edit.  Marketing, sales and the way in which they present their images are a mixed-matched process learned by others, that may or may not have been successful or even knew what they were doing or why.  Photographers that would die being seen with an older camera, flash or piece of equipment, have no idea how to answer or handle the most important piece of equipment to the success of their photography business……THE PHONE!  In today’s world you can’t let all your phone calls go to voice mail and book sessions, you will lose 40 to 60 percent of your callers to other photography businesses that actually answer their phones.  Losing that number of phone calls it pays most photographers that don’t have a staff to get a service to answer their phones for them.

You have to run your business like a business and you need to be given the tools to make it all work.  Now…you can get to the tools you need to succeed at your photography business!  After 14 books and over 25 years of success in this profession, you can learn how to set your prices, market, convert callers into clients, shoot sessions and weddings for profit and present/sell for maximum profits.  Order your DVD Now!


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