Want Inspiration…Clear Your Cluttered Mind!

Talk to any successful person and they will tell you their greatest ideas have come to them when they are still and quite.  Great ideas tend to come to us when I mind is clear.  The questions is how can great ideas come to the majority of the people when most people must fill every second with texting, Facebook, Twitter, video games and television.  Most people have become so accustom to stimulation, they don’t know what you do with themselves when they at least don’t have their phones to keep themselves entertained.

Photographers pay good money to attend my workshops and seminars and yet at least a few will sit in their seats playing with their phones.  How crazy is it to pay good money to learn information that could change your business and your life, but being so neurotic and so addicted to Pinterest that you just can’t put it down.  How are great ideas supposed to come to you, if there is no quite time.  You go from work to family to Facebook.  Before you email me in complete disagreement, put your phone down for one day, a 24 hour period of time.  The only thing you can do with your phone is get phone calls ( just in case something important comes up).  No texting, no Facebook, no nothing (and don’t try to be clever and just switch to your laptop!)  I think it is reasonable to say if you can’t go 24hours without something (other than food and water) you might have a problem!  Sex is the greatest motivator of all time and you can go 24 hours without it (Hell, there are schmucks out there that probably pass up the opportunity for sex so they can Facebook!)  Quite your mind and you will find the greatest that you have within!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on July 23, 2012.

One Response to “Want Inspiration…Clear Your Cluttered Mind!”

  1. Brilliant – and oh so true!

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