I see many young photographers (especially men), put together their work in portfolio or an online gallery for potential clients to see, but the overwhelming majority of the photos are young local models, wearing as few articles of clothing as possible.  This works if this is your target market.  If this is your target market, you might want to re-think things. While young models are fun to work with and photograph very well, they typically have minimum wage jobs and want to trade photography for modeling time.

You show potential clients the type of work you are trying to sell to them.  If you want to market weddings, show weddings!  If you want to market Boudoir Photography, then show boudoir photography with subjects the same age as the average client you intend to sell it to.  A thirty something mother of two, has a little more spendable income than a 19-year-old model.  A potential boudoir client won’t be impressed by looking at boudoir portrait of college age girls.  She will look for a photographer who shows women just like her.  We are in a visual business, so what you show, is typically what you get!

The same is true for the locations, scenes and backgrounds you display or show.  You take photos in a cool location you can’t get to with a paying client, you are asking for headaches.  People will see the unique background and say, “I want to go there for my portraits!”  Then you have to explain they can’t.  Basic rule of professional photography, only photograph what you can sell!  Because as a photographer, if a portrait is beautiful they will want to show it and if you show it, they will want to do it!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on July 14, 2012.

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