As a High School Senior Photographer, I have always notice the trend of photographers (especially male photographers) to go too far when it came to the sexy clothing selection, posing and overall look in Senior Portraits considering their age.  I am not a prude, nor do I refuse my clients the type or style of portraits they want, by my clients never wanted the type of portraits I would see displayed by some photographers.  In twenty five years in business, I have been asked twice to have a senior girl in a swim suit and both times it was a one piece swim suit related to a school sport, not the ‘hoochie’ looking images I had seen some photographers produce.

I am working on a new book and to introduce photos of women other than High School Seniors, I started photographing some local models.  There is a photographer/model  group on Facebook where local models and photographers work together on various projects.  I put a post in this group for models for my books and I had many models respond.  As I looked at some of the images, I was a little concerned with the number of images that crossed the line from sexy to slutty.  I was thinking that these models were completely wrong for the elegant and tasteful portraits like I had in mind.  As I met with a few of these models, I found that they were very sweet, very attractive young ladies that had worked with photographers to build a portfolio and they ended up with many of the photos crossing the line from sexy to slutty.  It was no surprise to find out it was mostly the male photographers that suggested the clothing, (or lack there of) and posing the images that went over the line.

Even when working with models, sexy and elegant sells and is attractive.  Slutty might work for strippers and dancers, but it really does no good for sweet young ladies trying to build a portfolio for modeling.  Photos like this keep professionals looking for a traditional models from calling these ladies.  It also encourages more photographers (that secretly want to work for Playboy) to call these ladies and want to photograph them in similar ways.

You can take a portrait of a fully clothed woman and produce a very sexy image. In the accompanying images, they are all alluring but tastefully so.  By using the correct lighting and posing these image will turn heads.  Often the line between slutty and sexy can be found to what is left to the imagination.  Elegant photos that a are sexy,  suggest, they imply, they don’t look like a scene captured from Girls Gone Wild.  And for those of you that can’t seem to read between the lines, please don’t email!  I am not trying to be the sexy photo police.  If a clients wants a boudoir or glamor session or a model requests a certain kind of photo be taken, that is between you and them.  But when a model comes out in an outfit and you suggest, “well how would those jeans look without the top” that’s creepy!

~ by jeffsmithbooks on June 27, 2012.

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