Simplicity In A Background Can Add Elegance To Your Image

After years of building, painting and designing larger, more complex sets and I am finding myself going back to the simple elegance that a simple white or black background can provide.  The simplicity of mono-tone backgrounds without texture is simply amazing.   They provide a distraction free background, focusing all the attention on the client.  These simple background are perfect for more dramatic styles of lighting.  In most of these shots I used a parabolic/beauty dish with Barn-doors to give me control and a high contrast lighting without going to the extreme of used a grid spot.

(Before any of you ask the obvious question, no this is not High School Senior type portraits nor are these high school seniors which is what I do the most of at my studio).

The clean surface of these backgrounds give you the ability to perfectly show the outline of a subject’s body or hide it in shadow, without the distraction of lines or textures in the background.  Using simple backgrounds like these does require your lighting and posing be spot on, for imperfections in either become quite noticeable without the elements of a set or outdoor scene confusing the viewer’s eye.

While I won’t be trading in the Viper or Harley anytime soon, simplicity in backgrounds offers an elegance that complexity does not!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on June 26, 2012.

One Response to “Simplicity In A Background Can Add Elegance To Your Image”

  1. Love it!
    I use the White Lightning 22″ beauty dish as well and have the two grid spots for it. I’ve been struggling with them though in 3/4 and full-body shots. There just too focused with no real feathering ability; works fine for up-against the wall shots, but not so well for these type of shots. I’ve been debating getting the Normon barn doors. I think you’ve just convinced me they’re worth for it this type of control in shooting.

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