As young photographers learn new techniques of lighting or posing they tend to abandoned their own way of doing things and take on the newly learned style of lighting and posing.  This leads to young photographers simply copying the style and look of the more established photographers they learn from.  Ultimately, this leads a creative profession into a homogenized style of professional photography.

As you learn techniques of lighting and posing don’t abandon what you currently and the style you have already started.   One of the reasons why my photography is unique is that I never changed my own style as I learned new ways of doing things.  Some of what I do today I learned 25 years ago.  It worked, I never found anything better and I didn’t allow the excitement of something new to overwhelm the value of something that worked.

 My style of lighting, posing and composition has evolved, but never changed.  I like what I like (which is based on what my client likes and buys) and while I try new things all the time, I allow new things to merge with and take my style to a new level.  You will notice as you read my books,  I do things a little differently in each book.  Even though I have written at least two books a year for quite a few years now, the methods I use are never exactly the same.  My methods, my style and my images are always evolving into something new.  Although my methods are never the same, there are always similarities because I never abandon the way I work today for something I learn new tomorrow, it simply evolves.

Letting your style evolve is the best way to learn new things without loose your own style in the Process.

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~ by jeffsmithbooks on June 25, 2012.

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