Consistent quality through an entire session, wedding or assignment is much more important than creativity.  In our profession today, look at all the creative photographers that can capture stunning images from a session, while producing other images in the same session that look like uncle harry took them with his point and shoot in the backyard.

I see this in so many wedding albums.  There are beautiful, scenic bridal portraits and stunning candid moment captured, but the more traditional, less creative images (which often make up the majority of images that most clients buy) look unprofessional.  This makes a noticeable inconsistency in the quality of photography offered by the photographer.

One of the biggest problems that we as photographer have is the “display print or studio sample way of thinking”.  When we photograph, practice or photograph a test session, we are most excited and spend the most time taking the creative images that feed our creative side, but clients often don’t buy, instead of improving the less than creative styles of images that clients do buy.  This is process can even be found in seminar and workshop instructors who comment on their own images, “you don’t sell many of these, but they sure are fun to take!”.  REALLY!  If you don’t sell many of them, why in the hell do you waste time taking them?  This is a business, not “Camera fun with Dick and Jane!”

One entire session, one entire assignment or one entire wedding should be made up of the same quality of images.  While the style of photography might change, the quality has to be consistent for a client to value the product you sell.  Someone once told me, “You are only as good as the worst image you create for a client”.  This simple but true statement has encourage me to develop all the styles of images I create for my clients and focus most on the styles that sell the best.



~ by jeffsmithbooks on June 14, 2012.


  1. “You are only as good as the worst image you create for a client”.
    Now that puts it in perspective.

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