Tomorrow is the greatest labor saving device in the world.  Every person who is overweight is going to start a diet when?  TOMORROW!  Everyone is going to: clean out the garage, start working out, be nicer to their spouse and oh yes, improve their photography skills, when?  TOMORROW!  Tomorrow never comes, which is why we use this clever technique to put off improving our lives while we do the truly meaningful things like check our Facebook, watch some TV and look for more dumb-assed games to play!  We fill the wholes in our lives with meaningless distractions, avoiding the things that could bring true happiness and fulfillment to each of us.

TODAY, your education begins!  Put down the damn phone, no one is calling that is important anyways!  Today, buy a book, buy a DVD, sign up for a class, go to the library and learn something that will improve your photography and in the end, improve your life.  Learn to create better portraits, learn to make more money, then you won’t have to live thru other peoples lives on Facebook, you can travel, attend concerts and really live, leaving your phone at home to truly enjoy the people who matter around you.

Every time I put on class, seminar or workshop, I always pull a few tickets out for myself.  (Call it kindness or conducting an experiment on procrastination….just kidding!).  I get emails from photographers saying they just can’t afford a ticket to my class and how they wish they could come.  I keep a few on hand to give away to these people.  Sometimes I have a drawing or some people’s stories are so sad I give them a free ticket directly.  The sad part is that 50% of the people I give tickets to, never show up!  One half of the people who gets tickets for free (and basically just have to show up) don’t come because of “tomorrow”!  Yes the excuses would be the same as the ones we would use, I couldn’t find a babysitter, I would have to ask to get off a little early, my boyfriend/girlfriend is coming over to watch TV and check our Facebook together!  While this experiment is less than scientific, it reveals a side of human nature we all have to overcome.  So don’t let tomorrow steal your dreams, because the only person who can afford to put things off until tomorrow is the person who has a perfect life today.  When you put things off until tomorrow, all your tomorrows will be just like today!



~ by jeffsmithbooks on June 13, 2012.

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