Simplicity In Outdoor Portraits SELLS!

So many times photographers create portraits to satisfy their own tastes and to overcome boredom that comes when a person considers themselves an artist.  Artists typically die broke (and might a say a little depressed that no one, other than their mother and their photobuddies understood what a talented artist they were!).  I am not an artist, but a business person that supplies my client the highest quality portraiture, taken the way they want it done.  Outdoors, simplicity still sells.  Yes we all like see the large-scale outdoor images with the blue sky and clouds over the very small and according to clients hard to see subjects.  That is art, I appreciate it, but an appreciation for art and money in my bank account are two completely different things.

Clients want to see the subject set in an elegant, simple setting that neither adds to nor subtracts from the subject, it simply coordinates with the subject.  It is easy to tell this in your own work.  Simply pay attention to what you notice first any given image!  If you notice clouds, flowers, or any part of the scene before you notice the subject, you have created art… which paying clients probably won’t want if they are hiring you to create a portrait.

Maybe this is why I still get excited when I pick a camera to do a session.  While I like hearing from photographers about portraits of mine they like, my greatest thrill in photography is when a client tells me I made their senior or family look beautiful and produced exactly what they had in mind.  To me this is the ultimate challenge and you get the ultimate rewards, because at that point the clients wallet is wide open!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on May 6, 2012.

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