Fresno Workshop Almost Full and Tomorrow is the Last Day to SAVE!

Outdoor portraits By Design, by Yours Truly,  is almost full and tomorrow is the last day to Save (normally $179, register. by 4/25  $99

I have much planned for you photographers that are attending.  Whether you have read any of my books or not your outdoor photography will be taken to another level.

I will be showing you how to deal with outdoor lighting in a simplified approach.  Although the process is easier to learn, the results are nothing short of stunning.

The Workshop is between 10am and 2pm, the hardest time of day to work outdoors.  I will show you how to find the best scenes, modify the existing light and pose your clients to make even our “not so perfect” paying clients look their best.

I will be working with live models throughout the day.  Each attendee will receive a set of images from the day.  After the photographing is over, we will gather back at the picnic area for lunch, catered by my restaurant Natures Grill.

While you enjoy your lunch, I will be available to ask your questions or further explain concepts that might not have been clear to you.  Lunch is schedule for an hour, but I will be staying until all the questions are answered.  If you haven’t registered yet, Do It Now!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on April 24, 2012.

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