A Day in the Sun…well actually Shade!

Outdoor Photography has always been very special to me.  I learned photography in the days when you couldn’t get professional photographers out of their studios.  While studios provided consistency and a  factory like setting for a business, outdoor sessions always inspired me as a photographer.  As a successful business person, I made it my goal to make outdoor sessions as profitable (included drive times) as the session done in the studio.  I found that working like most photographers was crazy.  Ideal light was available while I was still asleep or long after I was at home with my family  (just after sunrise, just before sunset).  I learned a different way to create outdoor portraits.  Most of the portraits in my 14 books were taken between the hours of 10am and 4pm.  These are hours that I and my customers are awake and wanted to be photographed.

Lighting and backgrounds/scenes are more difficult to deal with in the middle of the day, but I don’t look at difficulty as anything more than a need to learn new things to overcome the difficulty.  Through years of refinement, I came up with the process of photographing outdoors that I use today.  It is simple, consistent and works with every client, every time.  My goal as a photographer is to make every client look beautiful, not just the beautiful clients looks beautiful.  This is what lead me to write the book Corrective lighting and Posing, which is a guide to making every client look amazing and hiding the flaws that all paying clients have.  I have always hated attending programs which showed techniques that made the perfect model during the demonstration look “perfect”, but failed when I tried these same techniques back at my studio with 60%  of my paying clients.  They are not always perfect!

On May 7th, I will be conducting a workshop at Woodward Park, in my home town of Fresno (the first program I have ever given here, why I don’t know!)  It is from 10 to 2pm with lunch afterward for questions.  It is limited to 20 photographers are tickets are selling quickly.  I will be photographing live models in different areas of the park and show every aspect of the way I photograph outdoors.  The price of the Workshop is $179, Register before 4/25 and it’s only $99 and that includes lunch.  Register Now at:   http://www.jeffsmithphoto.com/outdoorseminar


~ by jeffsmithbooks on April 20, 2012.

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