Outsourcing might be a sore subject in times like these, but as photographers we have so many ‘hats to wear’ on any given day many things get overlooked.  It is possible to outsource any work that can be done on a computer.  From Web Design to a Virtual Assistant, there are companies and individuals available, at very inexpensive rates, that can help you and your business.  When I was finished writing one of my books (that wasn’t on photography, Amherst Media has their own editors) I needed to have the book proofed and edited.  I checked some local companies and the price I was quoted was more than I would profit from the book.  I posted the job listing on Elance (at elance.com) and within a few hours I had editors from all over the world bidding to get the job.  I have used Elance and other outsourcing sites to find professionals to create and update websites, do research,  edit photography, handle PR and some marketing.  Personally I have paid VA’s, (virtual assistants) to do everything from plan vacations and take care of gift giving/card sending to the important people in my life (since I always forget)

While many photographers think this is a lavish expense, it isn’t.  I can’t make money when I am shopping for birthday cards or trying to update my own website.  I make money with a camera in my hands and with the price that many of these professionals bid for a specific job, its really isn’t all that expensive.  While most people think of outsourcing as sending  jobs to another country (like India) most of the bids I have received on my outsourced jobs have been from people right here in the US, so no emails about taking away American Jobs Please!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on April 12, 2012.

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