Cute Can Be Very Sexy and Profitable!

So many times I see photos taken of women that are very striking, very glamorous and very sexy.  As a matter of fact a little too sexy to be a marketable photograph to put into a home, even a bedroom.  When I see a portrait taken a of a woman in garter belts and high heels, with their bottom or breast exposed, I see a personal portrait that most woman will show to only their closest friends and purchase a small portrait for their husband/boyfriend/partner.  Even in today open world, not to many woman want to be exposed or showing their wild side on the wall!

Back in the day when boudoir photography made it first debut, I found that many woman would want to take “sexy pictures” and then only want to purchase an 5×7 for the husband/boyfriend and a wallets.  These sales didn’t make the time invested worthwhile.  Alluring portraits don’t have to show everything, as a matter of fact there are often more sexy if you show just enough to create the feeling.  Something as simple as a husbands dress shirt, can create a stunning, yet salable portrait.  Jerseys, Harley jackets, old letter jackets can all create a personalized “sexy portrait” that is salable for the home.

Photos we taken with a Canon 5d with a 70-200mm 2.8 lens, at f/8.  Lighting was a  Halo as a main light and a 30×40 light on the floor to add a more glamorous look.  For more on lighting and posing click on any of the Video Covers for Free Sample Video.


~ by jeffsmithbooks on November 18, 2011.

One Response to “Cute Can Be Very Sexy and Profitable!”

  1. Wow! A husbands dress shirt! Another great tip. Not sure if I would want to try that on a high school senior though.

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