Planning and Control in an Impulsive World!

The Key to Success in the photography business doesn’t lie in taking more photographs to show a client, but taking the correct amount of photographs to fill your products and packages and know what you’re taking will sell.  Taking more photographs of each poses and more poses of each background idea is counter productive to your photography business.  Each time you push the shutter button, it costs you money.  Someone, most of the time the photographer themselves has to edit through all the crap they take to get the number of images down to a viewable level.  You take more time shooting all this crap, just to take more time editing it down.  This makes your business less profitable.  Even if you have very few clients and do your own editing, it consumes your time which you could be spending getting more clients.

The reason I am here today is that I got my impulse control, under control.  We planned our sessions to fill our products.  Since we photograph seniors, each session offered has 8 different background/posing options (4 backgrounds taken full length and close up for a total of 8)  This is because the most images any product has is 8, a classic folio.  More isn’t better.  The second most important thing is to control the “machine-gun” tendency that all photographers have.  Taking 35 shots of the same pose and background, with only the expression changing doesn’t make the photo better, nor does it give the client more to choose from.  It just gives you more work and makes your time less valuable.  The clients isn’t going to see 28 to 30 of those shots because they all look the same and will only serve to confuse the client when they view.

My God….this sounds like a business person has a plan, rather than an impulsive child with dream of artistic grandeur is let loose with his or her fathers camera!  This planning and impulse control also forces you to be as good as you think you are.  If you can’t take 8 poses of a client and have 8 beautiful, salable posing/background ideas to sell, you shouldn’t be working with clients, you should be studying, going to school and or learning in some way, shape or form learning your craft.  The “throw a big pile on the wall and see what sticks” theory of photography has to so many create people, that would have made excellent professional photographers,  chose another profession, because it simply isn’t sustainable for a business.  It trains photographer to be lazy and not learn their craft.  It teaches you bad business habits that your photography business simply can not afford in these economic times and in this professional climate.

Simple, plan your sessions, control over shooting and learn photography (lighting, posing, composition and camera angles) well enough to know that each idea you take your client will want to have.  I don’t think we are lacking creativity and talent in this profession, I think we have way too many people who expect way too little of themselves in their role as a professional photographer.  On a position note, the past is the only thing in life you can not change.  If you have to use the “big pile on the wall to see what sticks) to have anything good to show a client, CHANGE IT!  Learn your craft….books and videos are cheap, hell my books are available at any public library, you don’t get much cheaper than FREE!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on June 24, 2011.

2 Responses to “Planning and Control in an Impulsive World!”

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Thanks to your books and DVD’s, I’m starting to fill much more confident. Can’t wait to get the funnel finished and start advertising.

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