Only Grandchild….can you say “gold mine”?  As photographers, we are given so many opportunities to capture loving relationships and then profit handsomely for capturing the love and closeness that exist between our clients.  For my upcoming book on posing I had asked one of my employees to bring her family in to be photographed.  I was also talking about needing a mature man to illustrate some of the posing ideas I had written about in the book.  Dear old dad/grandpa filled the bill, so she told him he was being photographed.  Like most men, he wasn`t overly excited.

When he came in I photographed dad and he was a really cool guy.  He was easy to photograph but when I saw him look at his grand-daughter when she walked into the room, I knew I had to take some of the two of them together.  All of sudden dear old dad/grandpa was having the time of his life being photographed with his “little angel”.  A sample session for one of books turned into a highly profitable session for my studio.

These moments occur all the time if you look for them.  Most photographers are so worried about anything that will take additional time (then over shoot hundreds of frames), but I look for signs of a special relationship between my original client and those that come in with them.  Often with our seniors I will include a dad, grandma or other person that seems to have a special connection to the original client.  Often these few extra minutes of my time can result in an additional $300 to $1000 in sales.

This works well because I only offer to include another person if I see two things, a special bond/connection and the ability to pay for the images I create.  When a see a senior girl locking lips with “jug`head” her boyfriend, I don`t offer to include him.  First of all a high school relationship has the self life of a peeled banana and jug-head probably won`t have the money to make it worth my time to do.  I know some senior photographers suggest including boyfriends and siblings into a senior session, but most of the time these type of “extra portraits” don’t result in a larger sale.  Often they just cause arguments in the sales room when the senior wants mom to pay for portraits for Jughead’s family or little sister doesn’t understand why they aren’t ordering any portraits of the two of them together.

If you decide to do this type of speculative work, don’t overwhelm the people with choices.  When we photographed Grandpa with his Angel  I used one simple background and one pose that captured the feeling I felt they shared.  I then just made sure I took enough images for a good expression of both.  It is supposed to add to profit not add to confusion to the sales process.



~ by jeffsmithbooks on June 21, 2011.

One Response to “LOVE…..CAPTURE IT…SELL IT!”

  1. Thank you Jeff for some sagely advice to us newbies. I honor you sir, as one who is an awesome photographer AND teacher.
    Christopher in Brazil

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