Security is the Illusions that we humans have, thinking that everything in the future will be fine if we keep doing exactly what we are doing today.  Wow….that has worked out so well for us so far!  Factory workers think they will never get laid off, home owners think home prices will always rise, stock buyers in a bull market think that stocks will never fall and business owners think that the business climate and need for their product will never end.

People in life are rewarded for their willingness to not cling to security, which is an illusion in the first place.  Security in people really isn`t a good thing.  People get too secure in their marriage and they quit trying to being a good spouse because the fear of loss is gone.  A spouse decides to love you each day and while you there is some comfort in a marriage or relationship, too much security makes you assume that all of your tomorrows will be just like today, without a whole lot of effort.

Security in business or career make us put much faith that we will be doing what we do today for the rest of our lives and that simply isn`t going to happen.  While I love photography, my career has been evolving and changing over the last 25 years.  I started off small like most photographers, turned that into a large company with two studios and a huge staff only to sized back to one medium volume studio.  While other photographers kept putting all their profits back into their studios and building custom buildings to house their every changing businesses, I invested profits into other investments and business ventures.  As  I am writing this my sons and I are opening a restaurant because we saw a need for the type of cuisine and service we are offering in our area.

At the most basic level for a photographer, your photography (your art,  your passion, etc. etc.) has to keep evolving to keep pace with what clients are expecting.  Security in your talent also ends up with you a place you don`t want to be!  (a department store greeter at 55).  And before the two people who like to argue every point email an obvious point, I will point out that there is a huge difference between security and confidence.  While I realize there is no security in this world, I do realize that if you are willing to learn, to grow and evolve you can have a confidence that you can handle all of the changes in your life that will be coming your way.


~ by jeffsmithbooks on June 17, 2011.

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