Facebook and Social Media can be a great way to market your business, however as most photographers are finding it is a heavily used means of marketing and can take a considerable amount of time.  As most people know, Facebook sells advertising on a pay-per-click or pay per impression basis.  While I am not of fan pay-per-click advertising in most cases, Facebook offers a targeting by area and age that most companies don’t.  You can target just your city or the area you live, while selecting the age and gender of those your message will be exposed to.  It works on targeting rather than word search, which makes it much more effective.

Facebook ads, if designed properly can be a constant reminder to your potential and current clients of your business and services, but the key is to design the ads properly.  Most photographers try to design ads that people will click on.  While this seems like a fairly logical thing to do, it is WRONG!  You put a general pay-per-click ad up that says, Yazoo City`s Best Photographer, you will have everyone and their brother clicking on your ad and burning up Your Budget.

For Facebook ads to be effective, you must completely identify the exact potential clients that should click on that ad.  Your headline, photo and first line of the copy should clearly state who should click on the ad and send a clear message of who shouldn`t.  With a properly designed ad, you can have a very low daily budget ($5 a day) and still keep your ads running throughout the day, building impressions to all those that see your ad,even if they don’t have an interest in what particular service you are advertising.

Pay per click is a newer form of advertising and many photographers are spending their money in really ineffective ways.  I recently found a local photographer that advertised to searches for my name (jeff smith photography, jeff smith photographer) as a sponsored advertiser.  Some might think this is a good strategy, but our company name is Smith & Co. Studios.  The only people who know me personally would neither look my name up in a search, nor click on another photographer`s ad if they did.  When you take the time to work on this type of advertising, it must make sense.  You wouldn`t design a mailer that had no chance of working, you shouldn`t waste your time and efforts on things that don’t make sense.

In many cases pay-per-click advertising reminds me of the advertising allure of seeing your ad on television or hearing a radio spot back in the day.  It was so exciting and such a heady experience to see you or hear your business being advertising for all to see.  Now it was a dumb, waste of money in most cases, but it was cool to see.  Pay per click ads are even more enticing because the initial cost is so low, anyone can advertise.

The key to Facebook Ad Success is the ability to Target, so make sure everything sends a clear message of who you are looking for.  Also be careful as you buy the ads to select just the city or area you want to advertise to.  I still see photographers advertising a portrait special 5 states over.  While it might be cool having you photo buddies see your ads, it won’t pay the bills!  Gender also is important.  In all my years in photography I have rarely had a male contact me for photography, so why advertise to them.  Guys tend to waste your budget.  They will see a pretty woman and click on it to see what it is or if you have more pretty woman for them to look at!  Women are typically our clients, so just advertise to them!



~ by jeffsmithbooks on June 2, 2011.

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