I have gone through my life and studied everything related to photography, the business world and living a successful life and the one thing that always amazes me is how many boneheaded ideas photographers have when it comes to what it is going to make them a success in this profession and what is going to take keep them successful.  I posted a link on Facebook the other day that went something like,  “Dreamers say  “If”, procrastinations say “When”  but those that actually achieve what they want to say, “by this date  I will Have or Do This!”  Pretty sound words based on the teaching of the most successful people over the last 150 years.  You can have all the great ideas in the world, but if you don’t act on them you are a Dreamer Dude sleeping on Your Mama’s Sofa because you wife or girlfriend got tired or supporting you!

There were many positive comments about how true these simple ideas were, but in true photographer fashion, there were a few “Dreamer Dudes” that had to try to share the importance of the “Dreamer” and  how all good springs from those that have the vision to dream!  Bullshit, all good comes from those how have the vision to dream and guts to get up off their Mama’s couch, put down the “joint” and get to work achieving that which they have dreamed up!  Idle chatter like this used to be almost cute, to see the naive young photographers thinking it was all about dreaming and art, getting high and sleeping in!  “Step off” dreamer dude, this profession left Oz a long time ago.  Look around, it is more competitive in this profession right now than at any other time in history.  Dreaming just ain’t going to make it.

You must work everyday to make your dreams a reality.  You must learn everyday so tomorrow you are smarter and better prepared for the competitive that you are today.  Your education has to be rounded, to think you can only study photography and be successful, to say nothing of staying successful is ridiculous.  Everyday, very talented photographers go out of business, however national studios and department store photographers sell millions of dollars worth of snapshots a year, so business is a little more important to master than photography and don’t be a moron a post a comment that say I said you don’t have to be a good photographer, because that is just stupid, however to be successful,  you have to be even a better business person than you are a photographer.  In this professional climate you have to squeeze every once of profit out of your business to live a successful life.  In this professional climate dreamers just don’t make it, those that get up and completely pursue their dreams make it.  They take to the time to master their craft completely, then they start mastering business, marketing, communication, psychology and so many other factors that go into running a successful business that are not photography related.

So dreamers, it is good that you have the first step down, now you need to become a ‘DO`ER’.  Find any elderly person who is just surviving.  Living a meager existence, waiting each month for their small social security check to come.  Ask them what they did in their life.  They will briefly tell you what they settled for and then tell you of all the dreams they had!  Ask an elderly person at the country club about their life, they will tell you all the dreams they had and how they made them come true!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on April 27, 2011.

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