Adding Interest!

There is fine line between simple and boring, elegant and stuffy, as well as salable and unsalable.  While it is important to have everything in an image, from beautiful lighting to the perfect pose, all coordinated to work with the clients clothing and produce the desired look, you must learn to create additional interest that take your images beyond what the average photographer can create.  As you start with a simple idea….young lady in a red dress.  The idea here is focus on the woman so I have chosen a simple white background.  The white accentuates the outline of the body, the gentle curves that make a woman look womanly!

The lighting is classic, a simple grid spot to bring out the delicate lines of the dress while providing a little more fashionable light to achieve the proper look.  I posed her laying down for a more youthful and stylish look.  I posed her with compositional spots or cropping points for a variety of framing choices.  This pose was excellent for a unique head and shoulders, an elegant 3/4’s or if the young lady had to see her shoes a beautiful full length.  For her actual session I photographed in a head and shoulders and 3/4’s because those were the best options for her and the dress.

At that point in was a very nice portrait, but it was plain, lacking interest.  There was a great deal of empty white space with the subject running horizontally through the frame.  By tilting the camera, the subject runs diagonally through the frame making the portrait more interesting and have a greater impact.  It makes the difference between nice and beautiful, ordinary and extraordinary!

Tilts, camera angle and elevations make the differences between the run mill images and images that captivate the viewer’s attention and makes the client unable to leave your studio without ordering the images.

Learn How to select the best elevations, angles, composition and tilt with my new DVD


~ by jeffsmithbooks on April 23, 2011.

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