When we start our lives, we have a child-like view of the world.  We actually think we can do, be or achieve anything.  We have dreams, which most of us spend our days thinking of.  Then we are exposed to parents, relatives, teachers and counselors that encourage us to get a realistic view of the world, to basically settle for the life ‘they’ have chosen.

Children, think they can fly, until some dumb-ass has to teach them about gravity and all that can happen when gravity pulls you to the ground abruptly.  Then the risk of getting hurt is greater than the exhilaration of taking a chance.  Children dream about their lives full of wealth and success, love and kindness, happiness and joy, right up until some dumb-ass teacher tells them that to have such a grand plan for their lives is not realistic and the boredom of settling for the life no one wants is better than risking failure for the life you were meant to have.

What does this have to do with photography?……everything!  You have probably been exposed to more than just a few “dumb-asses” who have told you about all you have to fear from trying to fly.  You open a business you it could fail, you get married and you are more than likely going to get a divorce, you try to be great in this life and you will fail and end up living on your mother’s sofa for the rest of your life!  Slowly our dreams get replaced by the overwhelming desire to avoid failure.

We so fear taking a chance that we settle for the same crappy life as those that taught us.  Think of the logic, most of us allow a person in our school systems which makes about $50,000 a year to guide us into a “career” we will likely have for the rest of our lives!    While these counselors mean well, come on, these are people, that in most cases, have settled for the security of life near poverty to avoid taking a chance to live the life they were meant to have.

Yes we all need counselors and school teachers, UPS drivers and grocery clerks, but those people don’t have to be you.  95% of the people in this country are happy to avoid taking a risk and receiving the life they are given, while 5% of the people in this country learn to create the life they want to have.  They refuse to quit dreaming, they refuse to give up learning to fly.  This is why the poor hate the rich and the unsuccessful despise the successful.  It’s not because the rich took the money from poor or the successful stole the success from the unsuccessful it because they are living the life that was meant for you and they overcame the fear of failure that you did not!



~ by jeffsmithbooks on April 10, 2011.

2 Responses to “LEARNING TO FLY!”

  1. Absolutely… well said!!

  2. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’ve long sense passed the point-of-no-return. If I go down I’m going down swinging. I’ve come to realize late in life that you really only have one chance to go for you dreams. The way I see it… times a wastin’. Your life and your books have been an inspiration to me, and regardless what happens I will never regret the journey. Keep shootin’


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