The 200 POSTS of JEFF SMITH BOOKS BLOG!…and counting

Learning….Learning is the key to making tomorrow a better day than today.  Whether its to be a better photographer, business person or just person, knowledge makes the difference between those that achieve the life they want and those that have to accept the life they have.  Over the last 15 years I have written many books (among other things) I am very proud of the all the letters, emails and kind words that photographers have shared with me in regards to the books, products and appearances  I have made….but I have to tell you my favorite part of all of this is doing this blog.  I am able to share with photographers timely topics and relative information about our profession without editors taming my tongue, (although I love my editors for my books because they are great people and they do catch the typo`s and grammatical errors!)

In writing this blog,  I have received so many comments and subscriptions to this blog`s over the 200 posts, it has been fun to hear from all of you and see this grow.  While I am sure I have offended some of you,  as you have read my rantings, I hope I have I made just as many of you laugh and even more of you learning something.  Knowledge is what it is all about, because no one has all the answers…hell we don`t even know all the questions, but if I can get you to think about things in a more positive way, get you to pick up a book, watch a dvd, try something that takes you and your photography in a new direction or even be a little nicer to you spouse or children, then all the time I invest in writing these blog posts are well worth it.

If you enjoy this blog post, share it with other photographers.  If you find a particular article of interest and you want to post it on a forum, website or social media site, just let me know.  I might regret posting this (not because I don`t enjoy hearing from all of you, just not all at once!) but if you have questions about the blog, my books, DVD`s or anything else you can email me directly at:  Make it a great week and ensure next week will be even better, LEARN SOMETHING NEW!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on February 28, 2011.

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