Lines, Composition, Perspectives….MAKING SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING!

So often photographers look at things literally or the way the appear to your eye as you would normally view them.  They position the camera at the height it is comfortable for them while standing, they make sure all the horizontal and vertical lines are both horizontal and vertical, while finishing by composing the image pretty much the way they compose all their portraits taken in a similar manner.  These photographers then complain that new photographers that have bought a digital camera and started working with clients 4 weeks later are taking all their business.  REALLY!  Is that why you are losing your business to kids and soccer mom that know little about photography?

The question is, which is worse?…… to have the ability to do something well and not use it or to not have the ability at all.  One is ignorance, and a new photographer can learn just like we all did, but one is stupidity, because you could create outstanding portraiture, you just too damn lazy to pull out a ladder or lay on the floor to change the perspective of an ordinary shot.  The first thing we learn in lens selection is that paying clients don`t pay for ordinary.  A normal lens gives you a normal view of the world, close to that of your eyes.  Why would people pay for that view when they see it everyday and can create it with their crappy cameras at home.

The same is true for arranging the predominate lines within the frame, composing the portrait or choosing  the best angle and height to take the shot.  The Harley portrait is a good example of adapting perspective to increase the salability of portraits with my Harley.  Most photographers that use a motorcycle sit the client ~ subject on the bike or on the ground in front of it.  This give a “full-on” shot of the bike which is great for those clients who are in to whatever kink of motorcycle you have, but exclude those who really just like the cool~factor of the leather and chrome and want the feeling without it overpowering their portraits.  By increase the camera elevation and laying the girl back on her back you achieve a striking portrait that show just enough chrome and lines to make it cool.

Lines, whether in the background, foreground or created using the clients body produce a certain look or create an elegant feeling.  Posing is an excellent way to create interesting lines and with a woman’s body to create a certain look, while making the woman look absolutely stunning.  Woman photograph best when their curves show and by learning proper posing you can accentuate or create those curves that are so important to a woman.

The ability to use interesting tilts when capturing an image can make the difference between an ordinary image any student can create and an image that is interesting enough for a client to pay a great deal of money for.  While tilts are often over done and getting used to the proper amount and direct to tilt the camera can take some time to get used in can add a great deal of impact to an ordinary image or improve an extraordinary one!

The idea here is that you control everything within the frame and good or bad it all you.  Know this you might want to learn how to control everything or if you know how, quit being lazy and use the knowledge you possess!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on February 17, 2011.

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