Focus On Your Strengths, Instead of Improving Weeknesses!

We were all born with natural talents and tendencies, allowing us to excel in certain areas, while having short comings or things that are more difficult for us to do naturally.  Whether personally or professionally, we need to focus on what we are the best at and concentrate our attention on our God-given talents.  Too often teachers and parents try to push us to learn things which we have no interest or abilities in and that is not how greatness is achieved.

The world is full of brilliant people who achieve extraordinary things, from Henry Ford to Michael Jordan.  If history has taught us anything, it is to follow our strengths, even if those strengths might not be where our passions lie.  I am sure that every super successful person in the world would have rather been something else, but they had a natural talent for what they did and they took those talents and learned to fly!  Truthfully, I would have rather be a painter than a photographers, but I suck at painting and my natural abilities took me to where I am in Photography.  It was almost magical when watching Micheal Jordan with a basketball in his hands, but almost painful to watch him play baseball.

I see many photographers today trying to cope with the realities of our profession, combined with a poor economy.    Photographers that specialized in what they are good at are trying to expand into other markets to keep from having to make adjustments and deal with the challenges we are all facing.  Children Photographers with a goofy, child like approach to photography are trying to photograph seniors and photographers that don’t care for children are trying to photograph them.  Photographers that gave up wedding many years ago because they hate them are starting to do them again.  It makes no sense.  It is much easier to make adjustments, while you focus and expand on what you are good at, rather than trying to “fix the chinks in your professional armor”.


~ by jeffsmithbooks on January 30, 2011.

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