Don’t Be A Turd In Life’s Punchbowl!

As I was on my way home yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice something…some people really suck!  I was entering the Freeway and the pick-up in the right line, with no other traffic, in any other lane, came right up from the side of me and I had to slam on my breaks to keep from hitting him.  He could have easily moved over, slowed down or sped-up,  but he took some weird pleasure being “a wort on the behind of humanity”.  Not being one to let the less positive people in the world affect my life, I quickly forget about this little incident.  A few minutes later, the freeway was narrowing down to become a two lane highway in which traffic had to merge down to two lanes.  While the vast majority of people we taking their turns merging, I noticed that several people weren’t taking their turns, but staying right with the car in front of them.  I guess they felt better being one car link closer to home.

At that same time I noticed one of the cars trying to get “one car length closer to home”  had a licenses plate frame that said “100% Bitch”!  Now, I know you photographers are wondering what this has to do with photography?  I will tell you….. it has everything to do with your photography and your life.  In our society, when did we start thinking that there was some strength or power being a person of little or no character.  Call it Karma or life, but you can’t treat other people poorly and escape what it does to you as a person.  When you help people and do good in the world, you feel better about yourself!  When you conduct your life as a selfish brat, you feel bad about yourself.  I grew up and heard the old expression, “you can’t  help an elderly lady across the street, without getting across the street yourself!”   You see the happiness and self respect that people that do nice things for others have and the lack of self esteem that people who don’t respect others suffer from.  You might masque your low self esteem with a license plate frame which says 100% bitch, (which the equivalent of a man with a bumper sticker saying “100% rotten bastard” and the man wondering why he can’t get a date or keep a relationship!)  If you take pleasure in calling yourself such a name, you have know that I and every other man in the world is looking to find a woman that is difficult to live with.  One good thing however, if a guy is looking to be abused and have a miserable life,  you have clearly identified yourself to him!

We blame our parents, upbringing, childhood and/or spouse for our self esteem issues, but the way we chose to live has much more to do with the way we see ourselves than looking into past, basically wanting to let our inner puppy come out to pee!  What does this have to do with photography, as I said everything!  When you treat other people with love and respect,  you have love and respect for yourself.   When you love and respect yourself, you expect the very best in life and you truly feel your deserve it.   When you don’t love and respect yourself you will never feel worthy of success.  So if you find that you are the turd in the punch bowl of life…you need to change…your success in life depends upon it.


~ by jeffsmithbooks on January 28, 2011.

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