Choosing Words In Advertising That Fit YOUR MARKET!

The spoken or written word can move people in ways that are hard to comprehend for visual people like photographers.  The right choice of words can go right to the heart of your buyers and can dramatically increase the chances they will call your studio.  The problem with words is that too often we rely on one word “buzz words” or short phrases that we see other photographers use and often they don’t have any more of an idea how to write advertising than we do.  But much like most photographers pricing structures we just assume “its working for them…it will work for us”.

Believe it or not, potential clients will actually read copy in an ad….provided it is emotionally written and is supported by great, relative to the topic, photos, as well as a headline that entices the viewer to become a reader.  This is a huge difference in advertising.  We are all viewers of advertising, most of the time unwilling viewers of advertising.  We see a cool photo or a slick design it catches our attention for a fraction of a second and we move on with our day.  That the job of photos and design is to catch the potential clients eyes, however it is a fleeting moment in which the viewer sees if there is anything of interest.  Without a strong headline to entice the viewer, they will never become a reader.  Without becoming a reader they will never remember what you are advertising and never remember your name.

A question makes for an excellent headline.  If you are advertising family portraits a question like, “How long has it been?”  with a beautiful family photo underneath is an excellent enticement to read the copy, because the viewer will think they know what you are talking about, but will be curious enough to read the copy.  Once you have the viewer’s attention and have enticed them to become a reader, then you can use emotional language that talks about how fast children grow up, how hard it is to get children together once they leave home or how quickly our families can change (a nice way of stating we can lose older family members).

Think of the comments that current clients have made to you about doing whatever kind of photography you are advertising.  Think about the positive comments you received and the language the clients used after they viewed their wedding, boudoir, children or family portraits and you those emotionally filled words in your advertising, after all those good and happy clients are the very type of potential clients you want to attract. While you want to write emotionally charged advertising don’t get too carried away with adjectives.  There is a fine line between pulling on their heart-strings and spreading manure!



~ by jeffsmithbooks on January 20, 2011.

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