Is There No Romance Left In Photography?

Over the years I have often tried to put my finger on what has changed in professional photography since the change from film to digital.  Just this morning it came to me….it is the Romance….the sheer love that photographers used to put into the portraits they created.  Woman weren’t just striking and sensuous…….eye candy for the viewer to enjoy, they were made almost larger than life, by the photographers vision that added the love….the romance to the image he or she was creating.  Don Blair used to talk about this romance and love he felt as he was creating his images when everything he wanted to express came together within the frame.

Just like we can taste the love in the food we eat when we go to grandma’s house, people can see the love and feel the romance in the images we create.  In the world of Iphones and Twitter…instant previews and instant gratification we have lost the love for creating the illusion of perfection…not just a road map of the human body….but a gateway into the soul of the person that stands before us.  We are so consumed with the technical crap and Photoshop fixes we forget that we can go beyond the realities of aging and weight gain and seek the beauty of the person that we don’t see everyday.

Put the camera down…get off the damn computer and look into the eyes of the woman or man you love….discover the beauty that is all around you… that we….as artistic people…should be noticing everyday….and putting that beauty….that romance…that love of life into the images we create.  Creativity comes from within…not from the camera or Photoshop and finding the beauty in that which may not be beautiful is the real key to what we do!




~ by jeffsmithbooks on January 16, 2011.

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