As photographers, especially senior photographers, we all have created  beautiful images that were a little too much to use in advertising, samples, displays or in the studio, or at least too much  for conservative clients’ tastes.  Sometimes this can happen without the photographer really meaning to create a sexy or seductive portrait, it just when a certain outfit is combined with a cute pose….sexiness just seems to be created.  Take a portrait of any woman in a shorter skirt and high heels or any portrait where cleavage is showing and the portrait will have a less than wholesome look.

Years ago I would leave these portraits out of our advertising as not to often our conservative clients, especially those from our private christian school.  While this made me feel more comfortable,  I always hated the fact my advertising looked less creative and cutting edge to not offend anyone.    The flip side of this, I would often selected more serious expressions for many of my more creative images, which made these images even more seductive in their look.  These images would always get comments from the ‘moral majority crowd”.

I finally got it….I selected nothing but smiling expressions for any pose that showed more of the body and the only poses that are serious are the close-up, head and shoulders poses.  A large smile makes it possible to use more creative, slightly seductive poses without offending anyone and more serious expressions can’t be too sexy when only the face is showing.  This is especially important in the senior market where two buyers…the senior and the senior’s mother (and now in this economy, often a third buyer, the Grand Mother)  You have to respect the tastes of the older clients while enticing the tastes of the younger clients and a big smile can make them all happy!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on January 12, 2011.

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