SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING…remember when you had a life?

Social Media for Marketing,  as well as writing blogs can be an effective marketing tool for your business, it can also be a life sucking drain on your time which produces lack luster results for the amount of your time it takes.  You see business people posting on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites and begin to wonder if they actually have time to take pictures in their studio or have a home life.  The biggest problem with social media is that like all new shiny toys in our lives we have a tendency to become addicted to using them.

Social media for marketing really isn`t the problem, it is the way in which we use social media that becomes the issue.  One well designed post for your business that is crafted to get responses and comments from potential clients is worth more than most of the idle chatter you see in the posts on any social media forum.  There is a difference between talking `to people` and talking `at people`.  Most posts talk at people, meaning you are telling people something you think you want them to hear, talking `to people` is to engage people into conversations and interacting.  Everyone has been at a party with the man or woman who does nothing but talk about themselves.  That is a good representation of most of the posting on social media.  Most people find that person a bore and do whatever is necessary to ditch the drone!

At a party we have also encountered people who engage others into conversations and are the life of the party.  Everyone stands around talking as though they are old friends, because one person has learned to art of conversation, to engage, not to announce.  Posting on social media requires the same engagement from your potential clients.  You want them commenting on your photos, links and status and this happens when you put yourself into their shoes and talk to them and not at them.

Idle chatter is a huge waste of time.  I am sorry, but unless you have a funny story about what a child, spouse or parent no one who is a potential client cares about your mundane things that happen in everyone`s lives daily.  Once you get over yourself and start posting only things that get your potential clients talking, you need to look at the endless stream of games, surveys, groups and other major time wasters that most users of social media squander their time on.  If you think these things are important, I want you to go to your  child, significant other, parent or even your check book and look into their eyes (or the account balance) and really think about how important all those crappy social media time wasters are in the grand scheme of things.  Technology is great, but it can go too far.  I was sitting with a group of five friends just the other evening and although I think we were all interesting people, 4 of the 5 people were constantly texting, looking up useless information on Google and/or squandering their time experiencing yet another app on their Iphone.  Remember when people actually used to have conversations?  Call me old fashion, but technology, as well as social media is supposed to enhance our life and our business not become our lives.


~ by jeffsmithbooks on December 29, 2010.

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