What Do We Do?

Among photographers there are many views as to what we actually do or what service we actually provide.  Some photographers look at photography as providing clients with a road-map of the human face.  A likeness that the camera creates with little thought as to the essence of the person or final portrait the photographer is creating.  This picture is a picture mentality is the same as eating at the fast food drive through, with the rationalization that “food is just after all food”.  Technology and Photoshop fuel these button pushers but until passion for our craft drives them to become ‘more than what they are’ they will continue to provide clients with whatever the cameras captures and they can mask-over in Photoshop.

Other photographers look at their photography as means of self-expression, with the only thought in the creation process is to fulfill the photographer’s (excuse me “artist’s”) vision, without a great deal of thought as to what the client’s vision might be.  These photographer’s provided a service very much like restaurants that feature a chef with such a large ego that he/she have lost touch with what their patrons want and create things to please themselves and their vision.  We have all been to that place where you take your spouse or a date, spend $300 and even the lady leaves a little hungry!

The third group of photographers are typically the most successful photographers, for they have merged their love of photography with a love for their clients, to not only create photography that is fulfilling to the creator but specifically created for those who purchase and have to “live with the art”.  These photographers have created a balance between their craft and their business, their vision and the vision their clients have….even when the two visions are very far apart.  Photography might be the queen, but the client is the King, for without the client you don’t have a business but a very expensive hobby!

The good news is that it doesn’t matter where you are now or what group of photographers you fit in to, for the past is the only thing in your life you can not change.  On this Christmas Day I wish everyone a Great Day, enjoy, reflect and appreciate all those we strive so hard to succeed for!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on December 25, 2010.

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