The How and Why of Posing!

Any photographer can study a posing guide, book, dvd, open a fashion magazine or go to a class and learn new poses.  Great poses are all around us.  Watch people at play, in the park or while they are resting at home and you will see many natural, beautiful poses, that will work provided the next person you try to pose that way is exactly like the first person.  There are differences in each client which make one pose perfect for one person while not looking so great with the next person.  The length of the arms and legs, body weight and even the confidence of the person you are posing will change the appearance of any pose.

This is the difference of the how and the why. I often talk about the how and the why in my books and blogs because it is so important to understand the learning process to not get frustrated by it.  We can learn to pose someone, anyone like the pose we find in a book, but what do we do when that pose doesn’t work on that person or with the overall feeling we are trying to create?  To answer that, you must understand the “why”.  Why did the photographer in the book pose that person that way?  What changes did he or she make to their original posing idea to adapt it to the person in that portrait?  Why did he coordinate that pose with everything else within the frame?

This is one of the reasons I have created my New Posing DVD (Jeff Smith’s Guide to Posing).  I wanted to give photographers not only new and unique poses, but show them how to adapt poses to our ever-changing clients.  It is one thing to pose the perfect model in a demonstration, but what do you do when a client wants to look like a perfect model, thinks she still looks like model when she looks in the mirror, but her “modelish looks” were gone about 30 pounds and 10 years ago.   ORDER NOW…Only $62 and we pay for shipping! VIEW A SAMPLE OF THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE



~ by jeffsmithbooks on December 17, 2010.

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