Posing….Stairs can make posing so easy!

Posing a client to make them look their best can be a challenging part of what we do as professional photographers.  I think this is why so many younger photographers subscribe to the “hey….go stand over there” way of posing (and it shows!).  Stairs whether outdoors or in the studio, whether in a full length, 3/4 or closer image can make posing much easier, especially for the photographer that has troubles with pose the human body.

While many photographers can master lighting and composition within several years, posing is something that can be difficult for even a seasoned pro when dealing with a client that is by nature “stiff” or is very over-weight.  Of all the books I have written, the books on posing continue to be the best sellers.

Stairs provide multiple levels that make posing easier.  In seated poses, stairs provide a heights to pose the legs and feet, arms and hands.  In standing posing, the multiple levels allow you a variety of elevations for the accent leg (accent leg is the show leg that create interest in the pose and can not do what the support leg does).   In the days before we could afford to purchase more expensive sets that had stairs, we would construct our own.  Home improvement store have the pre-cut supports for staircases, just look in the area where they sell the decking materials.  To order my New DVD Jeff Smith’s GUIDE TO POSING CLICK HERE!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on December 12, 2010.

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