Social Media Responce, It’s not About the Picture, It’s About the Person!

Most photographers by now use social media to help in their marketing plan.  We use social media almost exclusively to market to our high school seniors.  One of the fundamental aspects that photographers must learn to make social media worth doing is that it is more important WHO you post as opposed to the uniqueness of the portraits.  Every time I make a statement like this I get emails from the ‘ARTISTS’ who explain to me the quality of their work and uniqueness of their images are always the most important thing.  This is the very reason why so many ‘boneheads’ who consider themselves ‘artists’ can’t make a living in this industry. If you have a business, you are a business person and make business decisions based on what works, whether your ego likes it or not.  If you are a artist (first) you will probably die broke, like most artist do!

Now that we have that out-of-the-way, we can talk about social media.  Using social media effectively is very similar to using the ambassador or models program for seniors.  You can select the most beautiful girl as your studio rep/model and create the most impressive images of her, but if she is not well liked at her high school, her images, no matter how beautiful will not benefit your studio.  We once had a senior model we actually had to remove from everything because every time a senior from her school saw her they would either make a nasty comment or do harm to the actual portrait.

This is the reason we hand-pick who we will post on our Facebook Profile for our seniors.  We look at the profiles of seniors we have photographed to see the kinds of comments people leave when they post photos.  Within a few seconds you get a feeling for how “beloved’ they are among their friends.  When you see the “B” and “F” word come up in the comments from friends you know you have the wrong girl.  Many times we hand select the senior/junior we will be using.  We contact them and schedule and sample session just to use on Facebook.  Most of the time these young ladies will order from their session but even if they don’t the exposure you can get from the right person is amazing.

This young lady was selected specifically for posting on Facebook.  This one photo generated over 75 comments from her friends and 15 friends requests to us.  She purchased a decent size package from her images so there really was no downside.  I have posted much more creative and unique images which got absolutely no comments and responses.  The longer you look at the comments generated from each image you post, the better you get a selecting the people to use in your posts and if you post a persons session that has no comments on their image, whatever you do, don’t post more of that same person, no matter how creative the images are.  Using social media requires you make business decision to post images and people who will provide the most benefit to your business and not just showcasing the “ARTIST’S” work.  Pretty images won’t pay the bills.  In all of the images in this post, none of them are the most unique images I have ever taken, truthfully I would say they are very ordinary images that are created in our studio every day, however because of the people ‘in the images’ each portrait had over 60 comments and led to countless friend requests.




~ by jeffsmithbooks on December 4, 2010.

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