Seated Posing Is All About Weight Distrabution and The Legs

When it comes to posing a person, especially a woman in a seated pose there are two very important factors, weight distribution and the position of the legs.  Weight distribution simply means what point or area of the body is the weight of the body resting. If a person sits normally on a chair, bench or even the ground the weight of the body rests on the bottom, hips and thighs.  These fleshy area widen out making this area look 1 to 2 inches thicker.  This is an area that the average woman already worry about.  How many times in life has a woman asked you, “does my butt look big in these jeans?” and unlike a spouse you can’t just lie and forget about it.  If a woman thinks her but looks big in her jeans, she won’t buy the portraits you have created, which will hurt more than the “death-stare” from your wife or girlfriend.

The weight of the body must rest on a bone or area that has bone close to the surface.  The side of the hip is an excellent choice in a seated pose.  By rolling the subject over on her hip you have slimmed the lower hip and gotten the bottom off the floor.  This is the same idea when posing any area of the body, such as the arms.  When body weight is resting on the arm you make sure it is resting on the elbow and not on a fleshy areas like the forearm.

The legs are the next thing to pose correctly.  The legs in a seated pose help hide areas that you don’t want to see in the final portrait.  Between the legs, a waistband cutting into a waistline, etc. all can be hidden behind a properly placed leg.  The legs can also hide the widening of the bottom if the subject has to sit flat on her bottom.  When posing legs just remember the simple rule of the accent leg.  You have two legs (in most cases and if someone only has one or they have 3 you probably won’t be showing this area of the body!) one leg is the support/grounded leg, to support the weight of the body.  This leg is as important as the accent leg.  Nothing looks worse that a shorter woman who is sitting in a full length seated pose and not touching the ground.  This “child-like” pose works on the little ones, but not an adult woman who is petite.

With the support leg in place (to ground or support the body) you pose the accent leg.  The only rule of the accent leg is to not do what the support leg is doing and add some “pizazz” to the portrait.  Even with the woman on the ground rolled over on her him, bring the top leg over the bottom leg and touch the knee to the floor. This creates an accent leg, because it isn’t mirroring the support/grounded leg and it creates a more slender view of the legs and thighs.  


~ by jeffsmithbooks on December 1, 2010.

One Response to “Seated Posing Is All About Weight Distrabution and The Legs”

  1. Hey Jeff,

    I love your blogs. This is a great rule to keep in mind! “Weight on the bone” Keep up the great work!


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