THANKSGIVING 2 DVD’s for $99 and We Pay The Shipping!

It’s Thanksgiving….Happy Thanksgiving to everybody, except one of employees that doesn’t celebrate any holiday, but I wish her and all those that don’t celebrate a great day!  There is way too much going on this morning to write a blog post.  So today I am giving you and me one more thing to be Thanksful For!  You can order my Studio Lighting DVD and my Outdoor Portrait DVD for $99 and we pay the shipping.  You are thankful because you saved money and are going to be a better photographer, I am thankful because I am making money while I am sitting down with family and friends to eat a Thanksgiving feast, everybody wins!  Kiss your wife, hug your kids, tell everyone that matter how much you love them and don’t eat too much!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  CLICK HERE TO ORDER!  We have extended through the Weekend!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on November 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “THANKSGIVING 2 DVD’s for $99 and We Pay The Shipping!”

  1. Oops, I meant videos… hee hee!

  2. if you order the DVD’s I still pay the shipping, it’s Thanksgiving!

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