Allure is Created By What You Don’t Show!

In our society and in our profession so often allure and attraction are associated with how much of the human body we show, when actually allure is created when there is something left for the imagination to be intrigued by.  Yes, I am a man and no one can not help look at some of the provocative portraits that are created and displayed on Facebook which have perfect women with almost nothing on, but this sex appeal, not allure and there is a difference.

As a young man, I remember being at social gathering where men came to meet women (otherwise known as a bar) and there were always a variety of women that used different strategies to entice their potential male companions.  There were the girls that showed as much of themselves as was legal and while these young ladies did receive a great deal of attention, it was the attention that of men wanting sex, not romance or a relationship.  Every guy realized these were the ladies that might be fine for some guys (the ones looking for a relationship that last until morning), but definitely not  a woman you would bring home to meet your parents.

In these social gatherings there were always a few women that understood allure.  They dressed in fitted clothing, high heels and showed just enough of their legs or cleavage to entice the male population.  The ladies that understood allure left enough to the imagination to have the guys wanting more than a relationship that lasted until morning.  The few ladies that understood allure understood men and attraction.

While not all portraits are taken to be alluring, when you are creating a portrait of a woman for her romantic partner often showing less heightens the allure and allows woman who might not be as young, thin or fit as they used to be to do an alluring portrait.



~ by jeffsmithbooks on November 14, 2010.

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