Posing Guys `

I have received emails from photographers that have asked about posing guys.  These photographers say that while instruction and new ideas for posing women are easy to find, they say they have a hard time finding instruction on posing men. The reason for the lack of male posing is based on two factors.  First, the majority of clients that the average photography studio photographs is women (at least for portraiture and senior portraiture). You don’t see boudoir photography being offered for dudes!  The majority of senior guys buy senior portraits from their contracted studio to avoid having to be photographed twice, while women will pursue higher quality images elsewhere. The second factor is that women sell.  I hate to be sexist but books, seminars and programs are more popular when using an attractive woman than an attractive man. It is what the majority of photographers expect to see and the sales figure support that theory.

A really good source for excellent, contemporary men’s posing is GQ magazine. I go through each months issue and cut out the poses from ads and articles. I then pull out these clippings in the next sample session I do of a guy. This way the new posing ideas are introduced into our sample books so the ideas are not lost.

One easy to remember process of posing a guy is to take all of your poses for women and modify them to make them masculine. Simple changes to the basic structure, hands, arms and legs create great poses for guys.  This makes remembering your poses much easier since you have a basic set of poses for close-ups, 3/4ers’s and full lengths, then you just have to remember the basic changes between feminine and masculine.


~ by jeffsmithbooks on September 12, 2010.

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