Are You Any Smarter Today Than You Were Yesterday?

“So many people live today, just like it was yesterday and they weren’t all that impressed with yesterday!”  Many people think they get a degree and they can give up studying.  They trade learning for living vicariously through Danielle Steele or other fiction writers. I read and studying constantly, but I never read fiction (that is what television is for and only in small amounts)  When I read I want to learn,  I want to learn how to make today and tomorrow better that yesterday and not to be boastful, but my yesterday was pretty damn good!

Good or bad, health or sick, rich or poor, successful photographer or part-time photographer (full-time UPS driver) the choices are yours. If you sit in front of the television complaining about your situation, I promise you it will never get better.  I see so many people who are absolutely broke and have no prospects for the future on fantasy football leagues and online in second life.  How can you spend time trying to make your second life better when your first real life sucks?

You’re a crappy photographer?  Learn to be better one!  Are you an artist, that is still sleeping on your mother’s sofa or about to be sleeping on your mother’s sofa when your wife throws you out for not helping support your family?  Learn to sell what you create and as you try selling your work, you might find out you are not as much of an artist as you think you are. In our professional art is determined by the buyer, not the photographer, otherwise every 12-year-old with a digital camera would be an artist!

As you pursue your learning, make sure you are learning from or taking advice from someone who is where you want to be.  In today’s world everyone is an expert. I recently went out to the park on a Saturday (big mistake) and found so many learning photographers that were being taught by someone who had no clue about outdoor lighting.  I have people post on my Facebook Group Social Media Marketing For Photographers that offer a free guides to learn how to use social media for marketing, but they don’t even have a profile photo uploaded yet.  The world is full of people who prove the old saying that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.  As you learn, you learn how much you have to learn.  In today’s world, someone reads a book or finally takes a good photo and they consider themselves an expert, ready to share their wisdom with the masses.

Books, college programs, conventions and paid seminars are all good sources for learning from people who are where you want to be.  These people are knowledgeable enough to be hired for their expertise and are successful at what they do. These are not people who just know slightly more than you and want to make a quick buck.

I want to celebrate the Labor Day Weekend by putting your mind to work.  I have reduce the price on my two most popular education products.

OUTDOOR PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY,  a 75 minutes DVD, created at 5 locations.  This DVD teach you how to control your lighting, which means less time in Photoshop, how to use corrective posing outdoors, as well a making your outdoor sessions more profitable. Regular Price $89.95, Intro Price $59.95  THIS WEEKEND  $50  Price Good until Monday at 11:59pm

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS, with a 20 minute Video Tutorial. Download this book and video right Now and learn how we replaced our traditional advertising with social media.  Regular Price $20, this weekend $15

Knowledge is the only path to make tomorrow better than today.  I hope you have a great holiday weekend.  Get rested and get ready to make your life and business better!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on September 4, 2010.

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