“Of Course Everyone Wants it…THAT WHY THEY CALL IT MONEY!”

I believe that people who say “money doesn’t matter” would lie about others things too!  Of course money matters, it takes money to survive to say nothing of thriving.  Money gives us choices, it makes us responsible for ourselves and enables us to do good things for those less fortunate.  Of the people, (especially photographers) that say money doesn’t matter you have two types of lies being told.  The first groups of people/photographers lie to themselves, they have convinced themselves there is no way they will ever have money, so they lie to themselves that money is the root of all evil and they want no part of it.  It is the “love of money” that is the root of all evil, not the love the choices, the feeling of responsibility and the ability to help other that money brings to the person who has it.

The second type of lie being told among people/photographers are those that don’t care about money, because someone else cares for the money for them.  I have wondered about many business people (photographers included) who had a laid back attitude toward business.  They acted like if they worked it was fine, if they didn’t work that was fine too!  Then upon a closer look, it wasn’t that they didn’t care about money, they simply had a wife with a great career or a trust fund that was created by a parent or grandparent that obviously was interested in money.

This uncaring attitude about money can be seen in the boneheaded business practices of some photographers now days.  There is a popular misconception among photographers that consider themselves artist,  that if you are “good enough” and potential client sees your work, they will seek you out, BULLSHIT!  Sorry for the profanity this early in the morning but ideas that stupid are a cry for help and I want to send a wake-up call to those that believe it.  There is a young photographer on Facebook that told me a large logo on portraits that are posted on social media are distracting away from the art of the portrait.  That is how my name is associated with that portrait.  To post an images without a large visible logo on it is like producing a mailer and leaving off you phone number and address.  It’s stupid!

We work in the most competitive time in the history of photography.  Everyday, really talented photographers are leaving this profession after years in business because there are simply more photographers than business.  And in times like this you can not afford for a potential client to have to work to find out who you are?  That is the most boneheaded thinking I have ever heard. For all you artist out there, most artist die broke, while still sleeping on their mothers sofa after their wife kicks them out for being and I quote “a loser!”  Loser meaning a dude that doesn’t help pay the family bills because he too busy being an artist!

I am a business person, I make it as easy as possible for potential clients  to find me.  My business name, address, phone number and email is on everything I produce for the web or printed.  Before I accept a friend request on my Facebook for photographers I look at what part of the country/world the photographer is from.  Photographers from all over the world are smart enough to identify the city/area they are from and service, everywhere except our country, where over half of the profiles and even websites I visit don’t have any information about where they are or what area they service, many don’t even have contact information.  Americans used to be the kings of business, the shameless self promoters that could turn a simple idea into a money machine.  Now we are like the pathetic guy at the party who is sitting in the corner saying to himself, “I am special too, notice me, notice me…..it’s just not fair and money doesn’t matter”

If you truly think money doesn’t matter and before you go all “Biblical” on me and send me emails, look into the face of your child, spouse,  parent or grandparent and ask yourself, “would you like to be in a financial position to help any of these people if they needed it or maybe send that little girl or boy to college?”  If you can say money doesn’t matter after looking into the eyes of your child you are true believer that money itself is the root of all evil and with that thinking I can say sadly, you will never have to worry about having it!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on September 2, 2010.

One Response to ““Of Course Everyone Wants it…THAT WHY THEY CALL IT MONEY!””

  1. I truly enjoy the bluntness (is that a word) of your posts. I honestly look forward to each and every one. Everything you mention is so true.

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