A Quick and Easy Set For Under a $75

The creation of new background and sets is an important part of a studio photographers existence, especially one that does many seniors. Acquiring backgrounds and sets changes as your business changes.  When you first start in to photography, you have no money to spend, but you have ample time to build and paint what you need.  As you business grows, you no longer have the time, but now you have the money to buy sets and backgrounds that are pre-made. In my studio I have many sets that I have purchased and some that I have designed and had staff build.  You can still find background/set buys on Ebays but you have to be careful what you buy.  You can easily end up with a piece of paper with printing on it!

Since I have limited time, I always pay attention when I go to home improvement stores, design stores and even fabric stores.  I have found many backgrounds or elements of a set for deeply discounted prices by just paying attention when shopping with my wife.  IKEA used to be a treasure of unique designer items and chairs for the photographers, but they don’t update styles that photographers can use all that often.

While I was at Lowe’s I saw they had some damaged sheets of galvanized roofing material, it cost only a few dollars for 4 sheet which were only damages on the corners and ends. In one of our rental houses we took down a section of chain link fence, which had a medium-sized gate I thought might work with the roofing material.  Later we were having a AC unit installed in one of our buildings and I notice the rigid column-like ducting material.  I ask the owner of the AC company who explained the material was expensive, but they often have left over pieces which they typically don’t save because it isn’t used that often and gets easily damaged in their yard. He got me two strap pieces of this tubing for $35.

When complete this was an easy to assemble set that seniors love.  Like any set you design, it is not for everyone, but it appeals to those that don’t like the more traditional staircases and columns.  Don’t expect too much from any set or background you design, some clients will like it and some clients won’t.  We have a Dodge Viper in our studio for seniors to use and while they all want to drive it (or steal it) only about 15% of our senior decide to use it in their portraits.  There are just too many other backgrounds and sets they like better, but every client is impressed by it and the variety of backgrounds/sets we have to offer.


~ by jeffsmithbooks on August 29, 2010.

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