Crediblity In Times When Some Will Do Anything For Money!

Do you have a fat doctor that tells you to lose weight?  Do you see someone go into a health food store and they put out their cigarette before they walk in!  Do you go to a marriage counselor that has been divorced 3 times!  The world is full of those that don’t practice what they preach.  In today’s world we have preachers that don’t practice what they preach!  Parents tell their kids don’t do drugs, then grab the Valium bottle. We all tend to look at what We do differently than what others do, it must be the way we are designed, because we can all catch ourselves doing such things.  We use justification to get ourselves off the hook for our less than perfect judgment.

This is one of the reasons I don’t have sponsors or accept free equipment or services for mentions in what I write or say.  It is too easy to give advice that shouldn’t be given or encourage people to spend money they shouldn’t spend, when you get money to do so.  In my books, articles and talks I have mentioned Alien Bee Lights because I buy them and use them in my studio and they are great value in electronic flash.  I have never even received a free sync cord from them for these mentions.  Levin Frame company I have also mentioned.  They provide excellent customer service, as well as an excellent product at a competitive price, not to mention Liz and Stan are great people, but again we don’t get anything for talking about their company, I just feel if you are in the market for frames they are great company to do business with.

Beyond our own justifications and corruption caused by corporate sponsors are the new age of content generators that have not mastered anything, but they give their theories about popular subjects like social media, photography and success. I started the group on Facebook, Social Media Marketing for Photographers after writing my book of the same name.   I wrote the book after our own business navigating through the benefits and pitfalls of using social media and ending up with social media being our primary source of advertising/marketing.  To order or see a sample of the Social Media Marketing For Photographer click here or on the photo!

In this group, I have had several people who posted to the group (who were not members) “advertising” their free guides to social media marketing and they don’t even have a profile photo on their Facebook account. You can’t help someone learn something that you don’t know how to use yourself.  Twitter is full of advertisers selling their success guides and these people look like they don’t have two dimes to rub together.  How believable would Donald Trump be if instead of getting into his private helicopter, we got into this 1972 Ford Pinto?  I don’t know what’s worse the credibility of those that don’t want to master what they are trying to teach or those that are so gullible they don’t look into those they learn from.  Simplest advice I have ever heard, “never take advice from anyone who isn’t where you want to be”.  If you want to learn photography, make sure you learn from a photographer that not only can show nice photos, but runs a successful business selling what he or she creates, (because unless there is market for what they create, this knowledge will not be useful to anyone but a hobbyist that creates images only for themselves).

This credibility must be looked at in the education products that are offered by the experts that you want to learn from. So many times I buy an educational products for photography, investing or real estate and find it is a product that is designed to get me to buy another product.  It’s simply wetting my appetite to learn more (and of course buy more).  When I was planning my outdoor DVD that was just released, I wanted to give the viewer everything they needed to know to take their outdoor portrait photography and profit from that photography to another level.  We did this DVD at 5 different locations that you can find in your town, where ever you live.  The beach is only 2 hours away and I know all of you would have like seeing people in swimwear, however it isn’t very practical, since most people don’t live near the ocean or a large body of water. I tried to put everything in to this DVD from outdoor lighting, using reflectors, posing, location selections, dealing with clients and profit.  It was designed to stand alone not be part of a set or series on outdoor photography. Intro Priced $59.95 (normally $89.95) Click here to order or sample

Credibility is becoming more important as information, as a product, is so easy to produce and advertise.  Timothy Ferris (4 hour work week) says he only read books of those who have achieved or mastered what they are writing about, not those that theorize about the process.


~ by jeffsmithbooks on August 21, 2010.

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