Portrait/Fashion Fusion

Try saying that three times fast, portrait/fashion/fusion!  In the world of photography, especially in seniors we hear speakers and those at conventions talk about the newer fashion look of senior portraits and there are some absolutely beautiful images being created. But as with all “new ideas” many photographers step over the line and start doing things just for the sake of doing it.  When a portrait is created that you notice the technique or style before you notice the subject in the portrait,  the photographer has crossed the line and is trying too hard to accomplish a look or style.

Fashion is stylish and slick, portraits however sell.  I absolutely hate going to a program and hearing the immortal words, “you don’ t sell many of these, but they sure are fun to take and look at”.  Many young photographers take these ideas home and try selling clients things they really don’t want. In today’s world “dumbassed” seminar ideas can lead a young photographer to another career really quick.  If you ever hear something doesn’t sell well, you have to ask yourself, “why in the world would I want to waste my time creating things that don’t sell?”

Over the years (being one that has been sold many “dumbassed” ideas at seminars) I have learned to infusion new techniques and styles of photography into my style of photography to take the look of my images in a new direction.  It gives my portrait (that sell) a fresher look and style rather than creating fashion images that my clients like to look at but seldom buy.  This is a reality that photographers must come to grips with in these economic and professional conditions.  Our creative ideas must be made with our businesses and finances in mind. I hear so many photographers on Facebook going on and on about they never letting business influence “their art”.  These are the same people who would walk around all day in school with a “kick me” sign on their back. Everything you do has to be done for business reasons, if it doesn’t make business sense, you shouldn’t be doing it!

The fusion of new ideas into your established style is what keeps all of us growing and reaching for something better, but the acceptance of ideas that are pretty to look at but won’t sell is just plain dumb in this business climate.  In every session I use modern portrait lighting, but I also use ring-lights, butterfly lighting, spots and a variety of other lighting, as well as posing styles, but they all are merged into a style of portraiture that will sell to my clients.  Profit is the name of the game if you have a business and not an expensive hobby.

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~ by jeffsmithbooks on August 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “Portrait/Fashion Fusion”

  1. It is so true that an inexperienced photographer will try to mix too much together. Artisitc style is so important and a photographer needs to pick one for his portraits.

  2. Profit! What a wonderful concept! Seems many photographers don’t get it – selling their $150 2-3 hr sessions and $16 8×10’s.

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