The fine line between Capitialism and Spam!

We all get them, the countless emails for everything from Russian Brides to the blue pill for men, but where does advertising and good old fashion Capitalism cross the line over to spamming and being almost abusive with advertising messages. The flip side of this is when did the average American get so delicate and naive that they expect companies and professional to invest large sums of money and time producing free products and content and not expect them to make money for the time they have invested, either through advertising or products being sold.

I have received a few messages from photographers that tell me it’s too commercial to put my books in each article and link them to and yet I see posts, events and messages from these same photographers advertising sessions specials and packages on Facebook.  I think we Americans have no patience for anybody’s advertising but our own!  Advertising fuels business and advertising dollars fuel free products and services like Facebook.  The same people who “pitch a fit” every time rumors start-up of Facebook charging for membership, hate the advertising on Facebook and people using their personal profiles to cleverly incorporate a little marketing (ok for most people it’s not cleverly done it’s blatantly obvious, but I wanted to be nice).  You can’t have it both ways.  If you want free content, free websites and free products you have to realize that some business has to pay for that free service you just received.

While none of use want the obvious spam and repetitive emails that advertise products we have no interest in, I think we all need relax a little and have as much tolerance to other people’s advertising as we hope everyone has toward ours.  I spend time each day answering no to events all over the world that I would have no chance of attending.  I do it because I have sent out events to things that some people probably were not interested in and I have to be honest with myself.  I can’t expect people to put up with my events and be intolerant of them doing the same thing!  And for any of you that are think my books being listed in my blog post is blatant advertising that you will not tolerate, I have left them off this post just for you.  So please send $5 to Paypal account for the content you have just enjoyed!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on August 11, 2010.

One Response to “The fine line between Capitialism and Spam!”

  1. Well Said…

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