Shooting for FACEBOOK POSTS to get responce!

We all now know Social Media, especially Facebook, offers photographers a great opportunity to marketing to clients and potential clients.  Many of you have read my book SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS (if not you can download it now, click here) and started posting and advertising on Facebook to increase the effectiveness of the time you spend using social media to market.  While I see many photographers using Facebook effectively, some of you could increase your conversion from prospect to client by improving what you post.

Posting images is an effective way to make impression on potential clients, but now with so many photographers using Facebook, potential clients are exposed to a huge number of images from different photographers.  On Facebook, there is very little brand loyalty when it comes to friends (friends that are not current clients).  Potential clients have no problem being friends with many photographers and even being fans of multiple studios.  For the average person, this is a large number of images going through their news-feed, which is bad for us, however when you consider that the average photographer is lazy, it is not that bad!

Most photographers post the same photographs over and over again, with only the faces changing.  The same backgrounds, the same locations with the subjects in the same poses.  I post images from sessions everyday and all I shoot is seniors.  Although seniors like to look at unique images, they often select the same backgrounds, poses and ideas as their cool friends did in their sessions.  While we do variations to everything so nothing is completely the same, the most popular sets can be seen in many of the seniors’ sessions.

At the beginning of each session, I ask if the client is on Facebook and my “Friend” or a fan of our studio’s Facebook page.  If they are, I ask they send me a message to remind me to post some of their images, AFTER THEY ORDER! (without an order no images are posted, ever!).  Once I know we will be posting images, I shoot a few unique poses with backgrounds/scenes that I haven’t recently posted.  Seniors are completely amazed at the variety of images we offer to seniors because they are seeing different things all the time on Facebook.  I post what looks cool, not necessarily what they order from, but what will have an impact.  I have been doing this for a long time and I know the type and style of portraits that get comments from their friends.  I post high impact images, not cap & gowns and yearbook poses, because my friends are the seniors, not the parents and grandparents in most cases.

It is also important to tie an advertisement/public service message to the images you post.  Don’t just put, “Julie looks great in her Photos”, rather, “Julie Portraits from Yazoo Park are Beautiful and our Yazoo Park Session are 50% (or whatever)!”  Another way that photographers reduce the chances of converting potential clients into current clients is not starting each post with their studio name.  Every post that is business related, should start with the preset John Jones /JJ STUDIOS as the first words of each post.  This makes the link between you as a person on your “personal” Facebook Profile and you as a business owner!  You can also post images to your Facebook Business page then share the post to your personal Facebook profile.

There are many ways to use Social Media for Marketing, but the single most important skill you must have is being able to sell, without making people feel like they are being sold!

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~ by jeffsmithbooks on July 27, 2010.

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