Posing the Legs of a Woman in a Full Length Pose, SIMPLIFIED!

Posing is one area that many photographers struggle with.  Working with the fine line between posing and over posing  (that freakish look when the first thing you notice about a portrait is the pose!).  Naturally, the more of the body you show, the more parts of the body you must pose to make each part look good on its own, as well as coming together to look good as an entire pose.  The legs are an important part of the entire pose in full length composition, because they make up a large part of the body especially when standing.

I have written many books on posing and the simplest strategy for posing the legs is the one that has helped the most photographers that have read my books, as well as when I am working with my clients in the studio.  The concept/rule is really a simple one, you have two legs, (hopefully or this rule doesn’t work at all!) one leg is grounded, to support the weight of the body.  The second leg is the accent leg.  The one and only job of the accent leg is to look stylish and the only rule when posing the accent leg is that it can not mirror or do what the support leg is doing.  With the body in pose, typically you turn the subject toward the shadow side of the frame so the subject’s body is at a side view to the camera (which is the thinnest view).  All the weight is place on one leg and the other leg can be extended, crossed over or bent, the only rule is it can’t do what the grounded leg is doing.  Simple and yet effective.

This same rule applies to the legs, whether standing, kneeling, sitting or laying, simply don’t allow the accent leg to mirror the support leg and you will have a salable full length pose, provided you posed everything else as well as the legs!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on July 12, 2010.

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