The Importance of Getting Away from What You Do!

I love traveling.  My family and I have gone to spots all over the world, as a matter a fact we leave the end of this week for an Alaskan Cruise.  So if you are wondering why there are no new posts for the next few weeks, that is why!  When I travel, one might think that I take my best camera’s and lenses, plenty of extra cards for all those images I take, right?  Wrong, I have an older point and shoot digital camera that my family uses to take snapshots of all of us on vacation.  I don’t want to pick up a camera and have to think about the light and the composition, I want to enjoy my family and my vacation, not fool with everything I fool with everyday.

As we have traveled to visit family, everyone always asks, did you bring a camera (typically right before they ask me to take a family photograph!)?  I simply look at them and ask, “your a plumber do you bring your tools on vacations to fix our people sinks and plumbing problems?”  “Do you stop by clinics when you are on vacation to heal some sick people”?  I don’t think so!  You will never have to more to say than after a long period of personal silence and you will never be better with a camera in your hands than when you have gone a long period without one.

When photographers start learning photography, they take a camera everywhere.  They are like a photo-groupie.  Everywhere they go they must announce to the world, “I am a photographer, I  have a camera, Look at me…PLEASE!”  They go to a funeral, they have a camera, they go on a first date, they have a camera, they have a very hard time defining when it is time to take pictures and when it time to put down the camera and have a life.

Get away from what you do as often as possible and focus that kind of attention to the ones you love.  It said the people can only have one true passion, I think that people can only focus on one passion at a time.  Photography takes enough out of our family’s lives, when we go out of town, our family deserves our full undivided attention.  Our family needs to be the passion we focus on, because quite frankly I love photography, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the importance of the major passion in my life, which is being a husband and father.

We leave on Friday and I will be getting ready to go through the week, so this could be my last post for 2 weeks, unless I find myself with nothing to do on the cruise, but I hope that won’t happen!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on June 22, 2010.

One Response to “The Importance of Getting Away from What You Do!”

  1. I remember years ago attending a Jim Robbins seminar(David Maheu use to work for him) – he mentioned that photography is my profession – I don’t do it as a hobby. How refreshing that was. I can see your point. Have a great time.

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