Social Media Marketing, Shut Up and Listen!

Talk, talk, talk and talk some more!  Stop, Shut Up and Listen.  I get emails from photographers that ask about the effectiveness of their social media marketing, while complaining about the limited amount of business they get for the time they must spend on their social media sites.  When I look at the posts from these photographers I see one common problem with their social media marketing strategy and that is they have no strategy at all!  There is no reason or purpose for what they post.  There is no planning or branding of their photography business going on, it simply online talking.

I hate to upset anyone, but no one really cares what we have to say (except for moms, best friends and romantic partners during the dating process), because like everyone we talk about ourselves.  The only reason that people listen to you talk about yourself, is they are waiting for their turn to talk about themselves.  I see the comments, “new portraits on our website”, “new backgrounds at our studio”…..who cares!  There are two reasons to talk in social media if you are using it to marketing your product. One, to answer a potential clients question, respond to a comment they made or in some way talk to them, about them.  Second reason, to engage potential clients into a conversation that is of course about them, their likes or needs.  Photographers have a hard time with this, but in social media marketing, it not about us, it’s about them (the potential client)

The next problem with the online talking done on Social Media Marketing is it takes up the time that should be used for planning your online marketing.  For posts, tagging images and video to be effective there needs to be a plan or goal to be achieved.  You take the time to prepare images to tag of a client, that’s great, it gets your images out to your friends and in many cases friends of friends.  Did you take the time to put a large logo on each image so everyone knows who took the portraits?  Did you tag yourself in every image you tag of others?  Do you allow your friends to tag others in their portraits to send them around (if they tag their own portrait as if Aunt Betty were in the portrait too, Aunt Betty will get the image on her wall) or provide them with the small images to tag/send to all their friends?  We had one mother that tagged 48 people to her daughters 8th grade graduation photos I had taken, posted and tagged to the girl.  Those 48 people generated over 70 comments going back and forth about my photography.  You can’t pay for advertising like this!

If you take the time to create a video to post on your social media site, is it of one person’s session or is it the highlights from many different people’s sessions.  A video of a single person will be watched by that person and his or her friends that are interested or curious.  Feature 6 people in a video and you have just increased your audience 6 times.   In your video, do you put your studio name, phone number and website in the beginning, the end and at least one time in the middle.  Have you ever really paid attention to a radio or television ads, they say the name of the company at least 3 times in a 30 second commercial, because the more times they see or hear your name, the more likely they will remember it. In your video do you put a call to action?  Do you put a title slide, Save $100,000…. Call NOW!  Without a call to action, no one will call!  They will look at Your Pretty Pictures, which impresses them for about 2 1/2 seconds until they see other pretty pictures.

The idea here is to stop talking long enough to plan your marketing and if you just “gotta talk”,  talk about them, not you!  If you are going to invest the time to use social media to marketing, then get the results to make the time invested pay!  You can improve you results starting tomorrow, download my book SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS and a 20 Minute Video Tutorial TODAY FOR ONLY $20


~ by jeffsmithbooks on June 16, 2010.

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