The More You Know, The Less You Need!

Yesterday I posted a video to show young photographers that it doesn’t take a great deal of equipment or expensive backgrounds to create a beautiful portraits.  I took a series of portraits with single flash with a grid spot attachment and used a daily newspaper for the background. I used Photoshop to add a simple vignette and retouch the skin only, because as photographers we create in the camera and enhance on the computer, not the other way around.

The more we learn about photography the less we need (equipment and technology wise) to able produce salable images to our clients.  I constantly hear from young photographers that say they can’t create similar portraits as the images I create because they simply don’t have the right equipment and yet most of my outdoor portraits are created with a camera and a single silver reflector. YouTube Video on Outdoor Lighting A good number of my studio portraits are created with one or two lights.  The more you know the less you rely on technology to think for you.  Technology costs new photographers money, knowledge is free!

Like most paths there is the easy road and the hard road, or that is the way they look in the beginning.  The hard road to learning photography is to learn photography.  It appears, in the beginning to be the difficult path because so many of your piers are not learning photography and yet making a few bucks on the side.  The easy path is to use technology instead of knowledge.  With an expensive camera, TTL lighting system and Photoshop you might take some shots somebody might actually want to buy!  But the downside of this path is that without knowledge you are forced to use the latest, greatest technology that money can buy.  Between the cost of equipment and the time spent fixing snapshots in Photoshop, the easy path really isn’t that easy at all!

Take the camera and lighting equipment you have and learn to use it rather than come up excuses as to why you need better equipment to take better images.  Unless you have a film camera that isn’t light tight, a digital camera that can’t focus (even on manual focus) or a flash that is broken, you should be able to create any portrait your mind can envision.  If you can’t, it’s time to learn how!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on June 8, 2010.

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