6 ways to Get Better Returns on Your Social Media Marketing

I think just about all photographers are on Facebook now and many photographers are on all the social media sites trying to market their photography business.  In all newer mediums there is always a great deal of experimentation through trial and error, with some helping to define the path of using social media to market and some getting so frustrated they just give up.  These six simple, but effective suggestions will help you get more out of your time using Social Media for marketing.

1.  Focus the most time (or all your time) on the Social Media site that has the most potential clients on it. I use only Facebook, my studio blog, website  and PPC on Facebook, for 99% of our marketing to seniors.  I have eliminated our displays, direct mail and most offline marketing as a result.  Many photographers complain that social media takes up too much time, that because they are on too many social media sites and in many cases become too involved with time-wasting games and/or posting all the time to friends.

2. Post and tag photos often. Keep a stockpile of portraits and video of your Facebook friends.  Post and tag a few images of each client’s you photograph (and tell them you are, so they will get on Facebook if they are not or become your friend if they already are not).  Social media marketing is kind of a grass-roots marketing approach, like most photographers used before they had the money to use more traditional forms of advertising.  Shoot sample sessions of Facebook friends and/or families, make sure any senior models are on Facebook and have over 100 friends.  Do everything you can to keep a steady flow of new images of friends on Facebook and only post people who are on Facebook.  It does very little good to post photographs of people who are not on your social media site.  People only care about your photography (at least on social media) when they see a portrait of themselves or someone they know.

3. Posting at the Best Times.  Every target marketing that a photography business can have will use social media at direct times.  I have two Facebook Profiles, one for our studio (high school seniors) and one for my books (photographers)  Senior are on Social media in the late afternoon through to late night, Photographers have the highest numbers in the morning.  Our seniors are in one area, making time zones not an issue.  Our profile for photographers has photographers from all over the world so the number tend to be more even through the day, since it is always morning somewhere!  With all the activity on social media news-feeds you have the best chance of your post being seen if you post when the largest percentage of your target market on log on!

4. Use contests, giveaways and poles to increase interest. On days  I am drive the Viper around town we have spot the Viper and win a Free Senior Session contest.  All they have to do is send a message with at least three of the numbers/letter off the license plate and let me know if the top was on or off.  You can ask a question that they can find the answer to on your website or blog or have the first person to show up at your studio wins (always tell them to drive carefully so no one kills somebody and blames it on you) or any one of a hundred different games or contests to create a buzz.  The harder the contest the larger the prize must be to get people involved, but it gets people talking about your studio/photography business and wanting to become your social media friend.

5. Be a walking, talking poster child for your social media site. Through our studio I bet I have gotten over a hundred seniors to join Facebook and to become my friend once they were on.  I talk about how we post images, have specials and giveaways and all the other things we do to make it fun for our seniors.  We are putting together a day for a live broadcast from the studio where all my social media friends can stop by and have a profile picture taken and we will post and tag them on Facebook!  Don’t be the guy that asks everyone to be his friend, be the guys that makes Facebook (or the social media site of choice) Fun, that will make everyone want to be your friend.

6.  Tie everything online together and use social media to feed everything else. Many photographers don’t think in terms of conversion and positive impressions, they look for a one-hit-wonder, with one PPC ad, post or tagged photo being so amazing it will convert the idle viewer into a client.  The rules of marketing haven’t changed, it takes many positive impressions and then a need in your client for what you are selling for conversion to take place.  Let social media bring potential client into your blog and website to increase the effectiveness of your social media marketing.



~ by jeffsmithbooks on May 31, 2010.

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