Are Photographers Missing out on 1/2 of the Market?

In our profession so much is attention is focused on one gender (female)  many photographers label themselves as a studio/photography business that doesn’t photograph “Dudes”!  Women do make up the majority of photography buyers, but men are half of the population and I sell hundreds of thousands of dollars of photography to dudes, so why is their nothing but women on display in many studios.  I will admit women are more beautiful, easier in most cases to work with and actually want to buy more portraits of themselves, but guys have to be photographed to.  Shouldn’t they feel welcome your studio?

Back in the sixties women had beauty salons that were havens for woman to go to once a week and get their hair done.  No straight man ever had a “gay’er” moment than we his wife, girlfriend or mother convinced him to go to the beauty parlor to have is his hair cut.  Real men (at least back then) went to barber shops, were it was a man’s world!  Finally, some forward thinking beauty parlor owner realized he was missing out on business by excluding men and they came up with the unisex salon.  Photography studios do the same thing.   They display portraits of women, we make everything so “foo-fie” and so appealing to women we are missing out on photographing those men that want or need a portrait taken.  Men feel instinctively that this isn’t a business for them!

You must have at least one or two portraits up in your studio of men, not in a family, not with their wife, but by themselves.  Be it a senior,a  businessmen or a  judge, a guy by himself.  Clear out some of the pillows and foo-fie women accents and make your business a place where all genders feel comfortable.  In this economy we can’t afford to make anyone that wants portraits taken feel uncomfortable!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on May 28, 2010.

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